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me licking you by PichuloveSega me licking you :iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 1 1 Thunder THumble my oc by PichuloveSega Thunder THumble my oc :iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 1 0 Happy Birthday to Hyper-SILVAZE-fan and Fairo by PichuloveSega Happy Birthday to Hyper-SILVAZE-fan and Fairo :iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 1 4
Mature content
The horrific day :iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 1
brotherly and Sisterly love by PichuloveSega brotherly and Sisterly love :iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 0 DeJsha the Wolf (my drawing) by PichuloveSega DeJsha the Wolf (my drawing) :iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 1 11
The Vampire Hunter(DeJsha's backstory
   DeJsha PoV
     I was on my normal walks down the dark gloomy street. I was without my werewolf boyfriend Dante since tonight was the full moon and also I told him to stay with my father who was angry with me because I was walking alone. My name is DeJsha The wolf and I'm a vampire hunter. I was forced in this business because my mother(Laura) got attack by those vampires. My dad saved her both that sly vampire escape with his life. This was just like a normal night or was it I notice while I was walking a hedgehog who look like he was in trouble with a strange cat. I immediately rush into action only to find when I was going to the dark ally I saw them heading that they both have disappear. I was astonished surprise and kept my guard up I did not want to fight today. I safety exit the ally going toward home only thinking about what I just happen and what happen to the two mAles I saw and where they have went...
My end of this back sto
:iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 6
The dog boy who went to Daddy wolf
This is a short scene after past meet future 25 telling you what happen after DeJsha broke up with Dante when he was running out of her house furiously. This is before WLG so enjoy this scene...
  Dante was running furiously angry out of what he thought his wonderful girlfriend or should I say ex girlfriend house. He ran to a stop far away from the house and open up the portal to tell DeJsha father(mr.byrd) that she broke up with him and she's going back to that "weak" pathetic hedgehog named Iron. Dante jumps into the portal only to come to the exact place where he wants to be in front of the Byrd's home. He knocks on the door and someone answer it but it isn't mr. Byrd..
Normal POV
Mrs. Byrd: "Dante!! Why are you here alone without DeJsha"
Dante: " hi Mrs. Byrd is Mr. Byrd here"
Mrs. Byrd: " You didn't answer my question. Let me repeat it once again so I can get a response. Where's DeJsha?"
Dante: "Home at her house with Silver, Blaze, a
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WLG part 4
Last time on WLG
Our three heros arrive at DeJsha home
DeJsha told her mom about the mark
And now DeJsha must tell iron the news if they lose they might never see each other again
Lets contuines
DeJsha: what do you mean?!? Are you saying that me and Iron would be separated
Mrs.byrd: Pretty much. If Dante, Iron, and you lose you lose your freedom that you have now
DeJsha: great just great. Please tell me whos' idea was this to happen
Mrs. Byrd: John's
        They then heard a open of the door and knew who was finally here.... They returned back to the living room only to see that it was mr. Byrd and he was not happy and also he was drenched with rain so it just made it even worst
Mr. Byrd: DeJsha your are finally here
DeJsha: why wouldn't I be
Mr. Byrd: true and I see you brought Iron too
DeJsha: yea I did
Iron: hello Mr. Byrd
Mr.byrd: iron good to see you again and also you too Dante
Dante: the pleasure is mines
Mrs. Byrd: Darwin your getting my floor wet
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happy anniversary
Love so strong
Love so much
I can never get a lot of you
Our love combine makes us stronger
Nobody can stop us from loving each other
Remember the fun remember the love
For 2 months and contuine and it sure wasn't bad
I love it and can't wait for more
So happy anniversary my boo
And I'll meet you tonight
To tell how much I love you
Love so strong
Love so amazing
I can't stop thinking about you
And you know why...
Because I LOVS YOU
:iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 1
Te WLG part 2
PPart 2 of Wolf games
            The next morning...
  DeJsha was already up and cooking breakfast she was ready for today.She had to be...Dante was coming downstairs when she was in thinking and made a loud sound to get her attention..
Dante: (yawns loudly) Wow i slept good how bout you Day
DeJsha: Do you have to yawn that loudly
Dante:Yes i do
DeJsha: Breakfast is done so go ahead in eat so we can get Iron and go back
Dante: (sitts down)Pancakes and waffles...yummy
   DeJsha went upstairs to finish packing her last things
15 minutes later...
Dante pov
   I finish eatting the breakfast Dejsha made and i think i ate hers too...oh well. DeJsha came with a bite mark a couple of days ago and i knew who it was but whenMr. Byrd finds out i lied to him saying i did the mate going to get killed but Iron might too. He had to mate with her when our deal is still on really
Normal Po
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The Wolf Leader Games
New series to start anew year
     It was a normal afternoon for our heros and they were all just watching a movie. Everybody was there Fario,Silver,Blaze, DAnte and of course our lovely couple DeJsha and Iron. During there movie "Avengers" the door bell rang and DeJsha went to answer it. She was in for a surprise..
DeJsha: Holly!!!
Holly: DeJsha (gives her a hug) i miss you we need to hang out more
DeJsha: Sorry, I been meaning to talk to you;just bean busy
Holly: I heard and also bout my hard headed bro,Marshall
DeJsha: Yea
Holly: Anyway. i got this letter for you from the pack it says
DeJsha: What do they want
Holly: i dont know but whatever it is John is sure happy
DeJsha: Well see you Holly(takes ltteer and goes inside and sits on couch and reads it)
Dante:Who was it Day
Silver:You mean that angel hedgehog
DeJsha: yep(opens letter and reads it closely again)
Fario: What does it say
DeJsha: My dad an idoit
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the week
   I deciced to make a short story of whathappen when Iron was gone(you have to read past meet future part 19 to find out what im talking about) well lets start shall we
Dante POV
    It all has been going perfect for me. Day and me went to the park yesterday; we had a great time until when i wanted to sit under a tree she wouldn't go sit. The worst part is that its wednesday night and i think the spell is wearing off.
 He then hears a scream from Dejsha room and immeditly rush in to seeDejsha up and shaking like she saw. Ghost or something. He la sat by her and held her in his rms
Dejsha:  let go of me Dante
  It wore off the spll
Dante: No now whats wrong why you scream
Dejsha: Its just a nightmare (shivers)
Dante: nightmare usally dont make people scream or shiver in real life
Dejsha: (sighs) Dante just leave please.. im not ready for a boy in my life now im too t-too too heart broken .. my heart has been broken al
:iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 0
Christmas Celebration
Pichu: Welcome boys and girls to my Christmas special. Please enjoy
It was a cold winter day in mobluis and the best part about it. It was almost Christmas!! Right now its Christmas Eve and Iron the hedgehog was going over to DeJsha's since she was having a big Christmas Eve to Christmas party at her house. He arrive at our home seeing Christmas decorations all over her house. He knock at the door expecting DeJsha but was he in for a surpise…..
Iron: Dante?!?!!
Dante was wearing a elf hat
Dante: What are you doing here Iron the party doesn't start till 7
Iron: I should be asking you the same question
Dante: I live here now
Iron: How is that
Dante: Mr. Byrd told me to so I am pretty much following orders kind of
Iron: That's weird…
Dante: Actually no. I am DeJsha's new partner
Iron: Remember don't forget about our little deal
Dante: I won't promise
They go in. The first smell that hit iron was the cookies and savory pie. He goes in the kitchen while Dante sat back on the couch watching
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Sick day
  It was a cold snowy day in snic time and our wolf hero was in bed
Dejsha: i dont want to stay in bed(sounding sick and coughing)
Blaze: Your sick Dejsha and you know it thats why i have to go get your medicine your mom told me about
Dejsha: Anything but that
          Dejsha never like medicine especially this one it tasted horrible and was lobhy
Blaze: mom order
  Dejsha tired to get up to prove to Blaze she didnt need to go get the medicine but Blaze only pushed her back in her bed and scoled her aferwards
Dejsha: You sound like my mom
Blaze:  Is that good or bad
Dejsha: Dont know but please dot force me(sneezing and coughing more)
Blaze: i have to get it first but i will be right back ok
Dejsha: (sniff) Fine
   blaze leaves and goes downstairs seeing silver ready to go and dante on the couch watching tv(hes watching adventure time XD)
Blaze: Dantewe will be right back please get off of your lazy buns and check on Dejsha repeat
:iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 3
Dante talking
This is what happen when. Mr. Byrd went to find Dante
Dante POV
       I was just looking up at the sky chillen in my hammock when someone. Called my name i was started so i flip over and fell flat on my face
Mr. Byrd: Dante!!!
 I immedtily got up when i saw the wolf man come towards me
dante: Yes Sir
Mr. Byrd:  Come with me today your coming to meet my little girl
Dante: Really!?!
    I was excitedlf very. I only seen pictures of Dejsha and she was beatuful a perfect mate
for myself
Mr. byrd:yes. A hedgehog has tainted my little girl
Dante: So i get to come early
Mr. Byrd: Yes and pack up your stuff too you will be staying with her too so this never happens again
Dante: (smirks) Thats great
Mr. BYRD :  You better wipe off that stupid smirk off your face
Dante:*crap i didnt mean to smirk* Yes sir(smiles)
Mr. Byrd: good meet me at my house in a couple hours to go. I count on you right
Dante: Yes sir. You can count on me(like one two t
:iconpichulovesega:PichuloveSega 0 2



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Its 2015 and i think i will start a new leaf. More drawings because i have been drawing just on drawcast and more stories. I have alot of Story ideas and alot of things i want to do.I want to start new begin more active and all because i can and im at that age. I love you guys i just need to keep checking on her i found that there was no point to be on here when all my friends left so i quit writing and drawing but now its time to get back to my roots.
Love Pichu~ 
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Hi welcome to my page where you can see my drawings and stories please enjoy and thanks for coming

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